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CH1 Series Compressors

Heavy Duty Refrigeration Compressor


1. Welded Steel Crankcase
Less in weight, gas tight and impact proof smooth internal surfaces guarantees good oil condition.
2. Water cooled cylinder block

The crankcase has in built water cooling jacket to avoid over heating of piston and liner element leading to trouble free long life of the compressor
3. Lubrication system and filter
Crankshaft driven gear pump provides forced fed lubrication. The Pump incorporates a differential pressure regulator to provide separate pressures for two oil systems: lubrication system and control oil system. Automatically operating hydraulic delay valve ensures complete unloaded start of the compressor results in lesser starting current. A metal gauze suction filter element and magnetic filter are provided for excellent filtering capacity of the lubricating oil.
4. Crankshaft and main bearings
Bearing surfaces of the high quality nodular cast iron crankshaft are ground to fine tolerances. Main bearings are white metal lined with steel backed bushes, pressed into the cast iron bearing covers. An intermediate bearing block is provided with split type bearing shell of the same type. Each crankshaft is dynamically balanced together with the counter weights
5. Piston and connecting rod assembly
Compression and scrapper rings on the aluminum piston provided perfect sealing and low oil consumption. The nodular iron connecting rod is drilled through for pressure lubrication of the piston pin. Steel backed white metal shells on big end and bronze bearing on small end of connecting rod. The complete assembly can be removed from the top for servicing without withdrawing the cylinder liner
6. Cylinder liner and suction valve
Interchangeable cylinder liners are made of fine grained, centrifugally cast, alloy iron. Fine boring and honing results in a mirror smooth running surface. A hydraulic mechanical suction valve lifting mechanism on each individual cylinder achieves efficient and quick loading and unloading. For unloading, the suction valve ring is lifted from its seat in the cylinder collar by spring tension. Admitting controlled oil pressure to the control piston, allowing the suction valve ring to descend on its seat effects loading or cylinder.
7. Discharge valve assembly
Three concentric discharge valve rings ensure ample gas passage at low lifting height. The use of sinusoidal springs together with precision machined and lapped surface results in a trouble-free operation for a remarkably long time. Minimum inventory for spares since most parts are identical throughout the CH series compressors.


1. Quick maintenance:
Parts subjected to wear are easily accessible through large service doors with minimum special tools
2. Easy cleaning:
Suction gas strainer inside gauze strainer element can be easily removed and cleaned within no time.
3. Easy maintenance:
Piston/connecting rod assembly can be removed without removing the cylinder liner.
4. Minimum oil consumption:
I s ensured by providing compression rings & oil scraper rings per piston - thus minimizing oil through discharge gas line
5. Safety:
I s ensured by built-in arrangement of buffer spring which protects compressor from incidental liquid hammer
6. Extra safety:
Is ensured by built-in sight glass, making oil return flow visible hence avoids dry run of compressor and protect bearing wear and tear
7. Trouble-free long running life:
This is possible due to highly effective oil purification by two filters.

1. Designed to operate with Ammonia, R22 & other HFC refrigerants.
2. Ideally suitable for continuous duty, process refrigeration liquefaction plants, ice plants, cold storages, etc.
3. Most suitable for industrial refrigeration and low temperature applications

Accessories :
1. V-belt Drive
2. Base Frame for Compressor
3. Oil Separator
4. Shut-off Valves
5. Gauge/Cutout Board Assembly
6. Crankcase Heater

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